01/28/10 — Full court press

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Full court press

By Laura Collins
Published in State News on January 28, 2010 5:20 PM

There are all kinds of side effects that go along with an eating challenge.

First off, I'm putting a full-court press on the seams of my clothes.

This could become a problem later -- I think there is a rule that you have to wear clothes if you go out in public.

Second, I have an irresistible urge to hibernate.

That could be because I just ate my weight in pizza and breadsticks. Who knew? You see this training is not just about meat -- it is about staying full what seems like 24 hours a day.

Third, I have mood swings -- more like meat swings, really.

I can go from happy to nasty in 3.2 seconds and then right back to Miss Sensitive.

You know how it goes. I won't lie, it can be a plus sometimes, especially if someone cuts you off in traffic.

It appears this eating challenge is taking over my life.

"90 percent of everything you say to me has to do with food," my editor told me.

This isn't good. I've definitely gotten over the hump of being miserably full from all the food I'm eating. Now I'm constantly hungry. If more than an hour goes by without eating, I get a headache.

Thank goodness there is no shortage of places to get food on a moment's notice.