01/29/10 — My idol

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My idol

By Laura Collins
Published in State News on January 29, 2010 3:43 PM

I've found my protege.

He is Mr. Miyagi and I am Karate Kid.

He is Obi Wan and I am Luke Skywalker.

He is Mick and I am Rocky.

He is Investigator Doug Bethea of the Goldsboro Police Department and he has successfully completed the Big "A" Challenge in well under 30 minutes.

I didn't get quite the welcome I was expecting when I went to the police department to meet with him.

"That video of you eating two Thickburgers almost made me sick," one of the other investigators said.

These are guys who see murder scenes and grisly crimes, so the fact that a video of me turns their stomach is a little unsettling.

After the rocky start however, Bethea was helpful. Bethea, who is endearingly called "Big Chunk" by his co-workers, said he didn't spend anytime getting ready to do the challenge.

"It was just a joke. I had some pizza for lunch before," he said.

He told me the best plan was to take it a patty at a time, eat with my hands and save the drink for last. He said the hardest part was the time frame, not the actual amount of the food.

His comments were positive and encouraging. Then he saw a picture of my challenger, John, who's a whopping 6-foot-6 and 295 pounds.

"Yeah, you're in trouble," he said.