02/01/10 — Snow sabotage

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Snow sabotage

By Laura Collins
Published in State News on February 1, 2010 4:41 PM

I'm being sabotaged.

The snowstorm single-handedly ruined my training. Rather than sticking to my two pounds of beef per day regimen, I was snowed in and stuck eating only what I had in my apartment.

So two days of M&Ms and Chex Mix didn't do much for my preparation.

My manager/editor Matt Whittle is still confident though: "Every athlete needs to take time off. Think of it as an injury," he said. "The rest will have been good for you. You'll be more hungry and more primed."

I am not so sure.

Meanwhile, my challenger John is sandbagging.

"I didn't really train this weekend either," he said but then followed it with a list of everything he ate. Apparently his mom stocked up on groceries before the snowstorm, so he was well-prepared.

Tomorrow marks my last day of training before the challenge Wednesday.

I have thrown around the idea of taking tomorrow off so I can mentally and physically prepare for the competition. It was shot down. Multiple times.