02/11/10 — Putting the 'work' in workin' it

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Putting the 'work' in workin' it

By Laura Collins
Published in State News on February 11, 2010 11:22 AM

"Hi sweetie....Hey sugar," said YMCA Wellness Director Lisa Weston to people passing by at the Y.

"How come you never call me that?" I asked.

"Move it! Stop walking so slow!" was her endearing response. There's a solid chance that a part of me is terrified of her.

Lisa informed me Tuesday night that on Wednesday she would be running my workout for the day. The crazy twinkle in her eye was back. Not good.

We started out on the bikes doing a mini spinning session. She called it a "warm up." This was inaccurate. It kicked my butt.

My life briefly flashed before my eyes when my foot came out of the pedal stirrup while we were standing and cycling. I may be the only person capable of crashing a stationary bike.

We continued to the weight room.

"I hear you like working on your abs," she said.

I think she needs to check her sources. I also think there may be an issue with her counting. During incline sit-ups was when I first noticed a problem.

"OK, two more!" she said.


"OK, two more!"


"OK, two more!"


In the end, it turned out to be a great workout in a short amount of time. She said tonight we would take it easy. I do not believe her.