A number of months ago, Hubby Dear sent me a copy of an email he had received. It arrived, as always, with a comment. Perhaps the message would be more appropriately described as a commentary accompanied by a not-so-subtle hint to consider the contents for a possible column. As always, I heeded the suggestion, but did not immediately act on it! Time spent in patient pondering is my usual option.

So, here we are in the onset of the Advent season when the atmosphere is laden with desires and dreams, as well as the annual angst over what to purchase and how to pay for it. Salvation Army bell ringers eagerly try to dispel the dismay and bring us to a deeper level of concern. They attempt to call us to a different kind of giving, one that is not glittering with superficiality but replete with a longing for the deepened living that cannot be purchased. It can only be received when we hunger and thirst for shared life.

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