November is here, beckoning us to enter into the uniqueness of Advent as a preparation time for Christmas. Yet, it seems to get lost in the flurry of Christmas plans…presents and presence, delight and disappointment. Bells begin to ring their plea for charitable donations and music floats through “big box stores” before the Thanksgiving turkey has had its final appearance in a pot pie or as the prime contents of a cold salad. Advent loses its significance and re-emerges as countdown time to Christmas. Wait…and see!

Though it is likely there isn’t a person alive who has not spent time patiently waiting for someone’s arrival or return…for something exciting or unwelcome to happen. When our desires are fierce, we are willing to wait for their reception. We ask for the gift repeatedly, without losing heart. Waiting is pervasive, and productive, if we patiently engage with its presence.

Fran Salone-Pelletier has a master’s degree in theology and is the author of “Awakening to God: The Sunday Readings in Our Lives” (a trilogy of Scriptural meditations), religious educator, retreat leader, lecturer and grandmother of four. She can be reached at

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