Results of recent events submitted by area golf leagues.

Sea Trail LGA

Results for June 15 on Maples course. Game was S&T. Top finishers were Marsha Ehrsam (28), Jo Larson (33), Chris Roeschke (34), Loretta DeVita (35), Linda Miller (36). Birdies were carded by Pat Gooding on No. 1, Chris Roeschke on Nos. 3 and 8, and Joan Mason on No. 11. Chip-ins were made by Micki Vollmer on No. 9 and Marsha Ehrsam on No. 15.

Ocean Ridge MGA

Results for June 13 on Panther’s Run with 16 players participating in a four-man team event. Players counted 2 low nets on odd holes and 3 low nets on even holes. Bonus point when all four players scored par or better on any hole. Top finishers were Steve McCreedy, Brian Babb, Tom O’Connell and John Balog (-22); Jim Vosburg, Larry Noon, Steve Wanzer and Hugh Carano (-20); Mike Spivey, Nick Gallucci, Paul Jensen and John Arnold (-13).

Results for June 15 on Tiger’s Eye with 28 players competing in a four-man team event. Scoring was 2 low nets. Top finishers were Steve Ernst, Jim Vosburg, Fran Manfredi and Larry Wright (-18); Dennis Miller, Mike Spivey, Rich Rudnicki and Steve Wanzer (-17); Dick Giblin, Roland Heurich, Brian Babb and Bob Major (-16).

Results for L/P Alternate League on June 15 on Panther’s Run with 16 players participating in a four-man team event. Scoring was 3 low nets on 1-6, 2 low nets on 7-12 and 1 low net on 13-18. Winning team was Larry Terrell, Mike Dies, Hugh Carano and Mike Savoia (-12). Jim Falotico, Harry Schnitzer, Vince Barbera and Jim Richards (-11) bested Dave Janowski, Jim Miller, Paul Jensen and Andy Whidden on a match of cards for second place.

Ocean Ridge LGA

Results for June 13 on Panther’s Run. Game was a team Stableford. Winning team was Maureen Craig, Patti Elsen, Sue Carano and Peggy Jones (122). Low gross was Sharon Giblin (87) and low net was Peggy Jones (76). Patti Elsen made a chip-in birdie on No. 2 and Sharon Giblin had a chip-in on No. 18.

Results for June 15 on Tiger’s Eye. Players counted best net on par 5s, 2 best nets on par 4s and 3 best nets on par 3s. Flight A: Roxie Gaeng (16). Tied for second were Diane Wright, Sue Kane, and Carys Price (17). Flight B: Linda Johnston (15), Elaine Benedict (16). Flight C: Tina Grauerholz (16). Roxie Gaeng had low gross (83) and low net (68). Birdies were carded by Elaine Benedict on No. 2, Sue Kane and Roxie Gaeng on No. 6, Linda Johnston on No. 11, Maureen Craik on No. 17.

Results for PALS league on June 15 on Lion’s Paw. Format was Twisted Nassau. Teams use one player’s front 9 net score, a different player’s back 9 and a different player’s final 18 score, then add the three scores. Winning team was Kathy Sanchez, Myong Jensen and Peggy Wilson (132). Low gross was Myong Jensen (96) and Susan Carano (96). Low net was Peggy Wilson (71). Juli Miller made a chip-in on No. 1.

Meadowlands Ladies

Results for June 13 at Meadowlands. Game was Ts and Fs x 2 minus handicap. Flight 1: Patti Guinan (76), Liz Arcuri (77), Sandy Ricker (78). Flight 2: Marianne Schmidt (69), Carol Cody (70), Josie McGahn (71). Sam Hynds made a birdie on No. 17.

Eagle Nest Ladies

Results for June 13 at The Pearl. Ladies played a Flag Tournament on East and West courses. Cheryl Rill and Pat DiRisio tied for first place, followed by Donna Moetsch and Dorine Stoecker. Birdies were carded by Cheryl Rill on East Nos. 2 and 3 and Donna Moetsch on West No. 4. Donna Moetsch made a chip-in on West No. 4.


Results for June 13 at Glen Dornoch. Format was two-man teams, better ball net per hole. Top finishing team was Butch Piwowski and Skip Rosenquist (57) on a match of cards over Gary Guthiel and Bill Nemeth. Third place was Dick Gravelin and Dorsey Bouque (59). Closest to the pin was Matt Beairsto on No. 4 (22 feet, 4 inches), Ken Locatelli on No. 7 (7 feet, 6 inches), Ken Locatelli on No. 14 (10 feet, 2 inches), Bret Schmitz on No. 17 (4 feet, 11 inches). Low gross was Matt Beairsto (83) and low net was Gary Guthiel (64).

Crow Creek WGA

Results for June 14 at Crow Creek. The game this week was Best Nine Holes. Flight 1: Carol Ganelli (58), Janet Capuano (70), Terri Crowley (73). Flight 2: Cricket Crick (68), Jan Bartlett (74), Annette Gordon (75). Birdies were carded by Terri Crowley on Nos. 8 and 10, Donna Moetsch on No. 4 and Cricket Crick on No. 3.

Carolina Shores MGA

Results for the annual Flag Day tournament on June 17 at Carolina Shores. Each player is given a flag with his name on it and plays until he reaches par plus his handicap, where he plants his flag. Winners are those who flags are farthest from the starting hole. Mike Donahue won the event, followed by Dick Boyle in second. Other top finishers were Bill Marsh, Abe Glover, Joe Gallo, Mal MacRaild, Jim Burke, Jim Rogers, Jim Ratcliff, Kerry Jarrell, Joe Broderick, Pat Eagan, Nick DiPaolo and Jim Lally.

Carolina Bogie Busters

Results for June 14 at Azalea Sands. Game was 1-2-3 Cha-Cha-Cha. Top finishing teams were Tom Huston, Steve White, Ken Edmonds and Chris Rader (113); Dennis Greene, Tom Taylor and Bob Richter (116); Tim Phillips, Dick Wilson, Chris Kelly and Sam Konrad (119). Closet to the pin on No. 6 was Steve White (15 feet, 1 inch).

Brunswick Plantation LGA

Results for June 13 at Brunswick Plantation. The league played a game of Odd Hole. Top finishers were Becky Beck (31.5), Barbara Johnson (32), Cindy Diehl (32), Estelle Gatta (32), Becky Seibert (34.5), Beth Pethtal (34.5), Emily Campbell (37), Gwen Jerome (37). Birdies were carded by Barbara Johnson on Magnolia No. 4 and Estelle Gatta on Magnolia No. 6. Closest to the pins were Renee December on Magnolia No. 4 (12 feet, 1/2 inch) and Dogwood No. 4 (12 feet, 6.5 inches) and Becky Seibert on Magnolia No. 7 (32 feet, 10.5 inch). Red Tee low gross Estelle Gatta (84). Purple Tee low gross Gail Obrycki (103).

Brick Landing Ladies

The Ladies of Brick Landing played their monthly ACE Day and low putts competition on June 16 at Rivers Edge Golf Club. ACE of the Month for June was and low putts (30) winner was Carol Ellis (71). First Flight: Lynn Westley (76), Lynne Berkowsky (80), Carol Gannelli (83). Second Flight: Carol Ellis (71), Sharon Deutsch (76), Mary Mitchell (88). Chip-ins were made by Carol Ellis on No. 4; Vicki Brower, Lynn Westley and Sharon Deutsch on No. 13; and Mary Mitchell on No. 16.

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