Results of recent events submitted by area golf leagues.

Calabash Three-Putts

Results for Aug. 16 at Oyster Bay. Winners in the Stableford competition were Steve Garner (+5.5), Andy Turlington (+4.5) and Rick Banasiewicz (+3). Closest to the pin on No. 6 was Bill Markham (4 feet, 11 inches). Closest to the pin on No. 17 was Jerry Gearheart (20 feet, 9 inches). Bernie Solich was the winner of this week’s Crusher and Crying Towel Award (-4).

Carolina Bogie Busters

Results for Aug. 16 at Eastport. Game was a flighted low gross, low net. A Flight low gross was Chris Kelly (85), Dennis Greene (85), Tim Phillips (87) and Tom Huston (91); low net was Chris Kelly (62), Dennis Greene (68), Steve White (68) and Tim Phillips (72). B Flight low gross was Tom Richter (95) and Ken Edmonds (102); low net was Tom Richter (68) and Ken Edmonds (77). Closet to the pin on No. 15 was Chris Kelly (19 feet, 6 inches). Low putts were Chris Kelly (27), Steve White (29), Eric Mayo (30), Ken Edmonds (32) and Tim Phillips (32).

Crow Creek WGA

Results for Aug. 16 at Crow Creek. The game this week was Putts. Flight 1: Carol Ganelli (11), Janet Capuano (13) and Donna Moetsch (14). Flight 2: Anna Merritt (15) besting Judy Zaenglein (15) on a match of cards, and Ginny Ridinger (16) on a match of cards. Flight 3: Sharon Hall (16), Annette Gordon (18) and Jan Bartlett (19). Birdies were carded by Janet Capuano on No. 7, Terri Crowley on Nos. 3, 11, 12 and 13, Steffany Gamsby on No. 15, Carol Ganelli on No. 3, Donna Moetsch on Nos. 6 and 14, and Annette Gordon on No. 8.


Results for Aug. 15 at Arcadian Shores. Format was team Stableford. Top finishing teams were Tom Proctor, Ralph Amsden, Jack Daly and Butch Piwoarski (+10.5); Don Arcuri, Bill Roy, Bret Schmitz and David Pilkinton(+10). Closet to the pin winners were RC Tabler on No. 2 (5 feet, 5 inches), Jerry Kerns on No. 8 (5 feet, 10 inches), Bob Buttaro on No. 15 (10 feet), and John Beairsto on No. 17 (3 feet, 6 inches). Most points over was David Pilkinton (+9-1/2). Low gross was John Beairsto (76).

Meadowlands Ladies

Results for Aug. 15 at Meadowlands. Game was net Stableford. Top finishers were Barb Mullins (36), Katrina Carter (33) and Cherryl Comas (31). Birdies were carded by Cherryl Comas on No. 17 and Katrina Carter on Nos. 7 and 15. Chip-ins were made by Katrina Carter on No. 7 and Lois Brengel on No. 2.

Ocean Ridge LGA

Results for Aug. 15 on Panther’s Run. Game was low putts. Winning team was Maureen Craik, Donna Shank and Chris Macke (107). Low gross was Sharon Benson (8) and low net was Donna Shank (76). Chip-ins were made by Peggy Jones on No. 8 and Donna Shank on No. 5.

Results for 9-hole league on Aug. 15 on Lion’s Paw. Ladies counted one point for each net par or better plus an additional point if all 4 team members score at least a net par. First place team was Robin Covelli, Peggy Wilson, Fran Steenburgh and Michelle Unger. Second place was Carole Schuster, Barbara Augone, Lorraine Crosby and Fran Mason (blind draw). Third place went to Marge Rose, Nancy Ward, Fran Mason and Lorraine Crosby (blind draw). Low gross was Peggy Wilson (54). Low net was Nancy Ward (38) and Lorraine Crosby (38).

Results for Aug. 17 on Panther’s Run. Game was Summer Shamble with a Twist. The “twist” allowed each player to choose one par 4 or par 5 and tee off 30 yards in front of the red tees. First place team was Jane Arnold, Kris Heurich, Robin Barone and BD Laura McCadden (50). Second place on a match of cards was the team of Sharon Benson, Donna Shank, Laura McCadden and Sue Munger (51), besting the team of Roxie Gaeng, Anita Andersch, MaryAnn Ondek and Michelle Unger.

Ocean Ridge MGA

The Ocean Ridge men’s league played their two-day 2022 Summer Scramble Tournament on Aug. 15 and 17 on Panther’s Run. Sixty-one players competed in this four-man team event. First place was Brian Babb, Ted White, Mike Spivey and Steve Ernst (105.20). Second place was Jeff Cotter, Mark Plebanek and Gary Long (109.00). Third place was John Divers, Mike Dies, Brian Gaeng and Harry Schnitzer (111.60). Fourth place was Kyle Jones, Bob Major and Larry Wright (111.90). Fifth place was Andy Ondek, Doug Smith, Steve Wanzer and Steve Mason (112.90), besting Tom Burcak, Bill Johnston, Dick Giblin and Roy Andersch on a match of cards.

Sea Trail LGA

Results for Aug. 17 on the Jones course. Players totaled best net scores on all water holes. Top finishers were Pat Gooding (41), Pam Peters (42), Jo Larson (42), Debbie Johnson (43) and Roz Dahlen (44). Birdies were carded by Pam Peters on Nos. 14 and 15, Debbie Johnson on Nos. 5, 13 and 14, and Linda Barber on No. 8. Chip-ins were made by Pat Gooding on No. 12 and Debbie Johnson on No. 13.

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