West Brunswick’s volleyball teams went on the road to Lake Waccamaw on Friday, Sept. 2 to face the East Columbus Gators and came home with their first wins of the year.

The Trojan varsity beat East Columbus 3-1 to gain a bit of revenge for a 1-3 loss at home to the Gators on Aug. 18.

“Our defense definitely played better. We were hitting shots more. Hitting around the defenders, which helped. Really communicating. That helped as well. Overall, just playing as a family,” Trojan senior Kayden Cupid said.

“Before the match, we talked a lot more on what we wanted. What our goals are, as a team. We set goals. We talked with our coach on what she could do. So that helped us a lot not only as a team but our coaches helping as well by putting us together more.”

“We played good as a team,” sophomore setter Lily Romero added.

The win was a highlight during a three-match week where the Trojans started the Mideastern Conference season off with two losses at home, to Hoggard 25-10, 25-20, 25-16 on Tuesday, Aug. 30 and Ashley 25-13, 25-10, 25-17 on Thursday, Sept. 1.

West Brunswick varsity volleyball head coach Myah Morse emphasized if the team continued to focus on and improve their on- and off-court communication, they would see more success.

“What we know we still need to keep working on is communication. Over-communicating. When we’re on the bench, whether we’re on the court, whether we’re over there cheering on the JV, we need to just be louder and more confident in being here, being in this gym or any gym and knowing that we can upset any team at any time if we want to,” Morse said after Thursday’s game.

“I think right now, because of the communication, we’re kind of struggling a little bit with trusting each other on the court and struggling a little bit with being willing to go all out and sacrifice for the ball, for the play.

“If we really focus back in on communication, the rest will fall into place. They’re definitely showing me they’re working a lot better together. So I was super excited for that. But we still have to be communicating more, have to be moving our feet more, anticipating the ball. And choosing, before the play, ‘Do I want to make this happen or am I okay with the ball dropping on me,’ kind of mentality.”

Morse added she saw a lot of positive improvement from her players, which she anticipated would help them turn a corner and get in the win column.

“Positives, I think that we had a lot of really good blocks tonight. We worked on that yesterday and you could definitely tell. We had a lot of smarter swings. We also worked on that yesterday. Knowing when the set is there for the attack, for the kill, versus (tipping) right over the net or push to a deep corner or a tougher spot — a donut right in the middle of the court — finding a spot instead of just swinging and kind of hoping for the best. Really being able to know, ‘Okay, I’m putting this touch on it. I’m going to put this down, or I’m going to keep the ball in play.’ So yeah, we’re definitely still showing progress. I’m still excited and proud about that,” Morse said.

“I could see tonight, too, that I had a little bit more leadership on the court, especially from some of my seniors, which we’ve kind of been missing. So I think if we get all those puzzle pieces and kind of put them together, we’re going to take a couple of these sets, we’re going to take a win.”

West Brunswick improved to 1-5, including an Aug. 22 loss at South Columbus 25-14, 25-14, 25-14 in Tabor City.

The Trojan JV volleyball team beat East Columbus 2-0 on Friday after losses to Hoggard 25-19, 25-10 on Tuesday and Ashley 25-21, 25-18 on Thursday.

West’s JV is also 1-5 after a loss at South Columbus 25-9, 25-19 on Aug. 22.

“They are absolutely improving. Whether the score shows it or not, or the end of the match shows it, we’re improving. I think the biggest thing that I told them after the end of the match in the locker room is we’re improving and right now it’s little things that we can fix. Tweaking of just playing it out, not more big fundamental stuff. Now we know the little things that we need to fix and those are fixable,” Trojan JV coach Emma Gray Beacham said after Thursday’s game.

“They know when they make a mistake what they need to fix to make that happen. And I think they are starting to look more toward each other instead of me, because they know that they are family and at the end of the day I can’t say but so much and it’s on them.”

The Trojan teams were scheduled to go back on the road for conference games at Laney on Sept. 6 and Topsail on Sept. 8.

“Hopefully, after the first couple of weeks of school starting we’ll kind of settle in and really gel together, like we’re starting to. Just quicker. We have that potential and they show me that in the second and the third set, even late in the first, but it’s just a little too late. And coming back up from a 10 point lead is tough for anyone,” Morse said.

“But right now we’re just trying to work together, communicate, move to the ball and make it happen.”

Brian Slattery is the sports editor for The Brunswick Beacon. Reach him at 910-239-7433 or bslattery@brunswickbeacon.com.

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