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The Society of St. Vincent de Paul helps the local needy, with financial help from United Way of Wayne County, as well as parish collections, grants, special donations from the children at St. Mary School and private donations.

Someone comes up behind Renee Duvall, putting her in a choke hold. Without thinking, Duvall turns, puts one of her legs behind the person and takes him down to the ground.

The sounds of the Americas and the sounds of the Gullah culture will be brought to life at the Paramount Theatre. Holiday music will also fill the theater. And imaginations will run wild when Jack plants his magic beans.

A large sculpture of a sea turtle sits on what looks like part of the ocean. All around it is trash — beer bottles, deflated balloons, plastic drink cups and straws. In its mouth is a plastic grocery bag. This is all stuff that humans have thrown away that will harm — or even kill — turtles …

Dressed in a western-style shirt with cowboy boots and a cowboy hat, Hank Williams Jr. gets up on stage and starts belting out tune after tune.

Charlie Gurreri picks up his dulcimer most nights and starts playing a tune. Before he knows it, his miniature dachshund, Abby, is right beside him. She likes being serenaded by her owner.