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Wayne County students going back to school in style

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No matter what their age — from 6 to 18— youths want to be in style when going back to school.

For both young boys and young girls, more of the athletic type of leisure wear is fashionable this year, said Maya Mason, general manager of JCPenney.

“Hoodies are still in for the boys,” she said. “And they’re doing a lot of athletic wear in shorts and pants. Joggers are also still in for boys.”

She said young girls are doing a lot of floral prints and rompers. And for them, basic denim in popular, but more in the skinny leg denim.

“Pinks, bright colors and laces are definitely a hot trend for young girls for the new school year,” Mason said.

“Boys are pretty basic and want comfy/leisure clothing that’s trendy. If it looks trendy and comfy, that’s what it’s all about. They’re also into camouflage style and basic blacks, reds and blues.”

Mason said the young students are definitely looking for contrast in their clothing, especially the girls.

“Definitely a lot of contrast this year,” she said.

“And we’re seeing a little bit of layering with hoodies and long sleeved T-shirts, but not a whole lot of layering.”

Trendy footwear for young girls include sandals and ankle boots. For young boys, its athletic tennis shoes, Mason said.

And young girls and boys can’t go wrong with some type of animal on their clothes this year. Foxes are among the more popular animals for the girls and elephants, frogs and dinosaurs for the boys.

For high schoolers, prints and patterns are the things to be seen in this year, said Aisha Coley, Belk sales team manager.

“There are a lot of plaids that they’re utilizing,” she said. “We’ve seen a lot of those. And stripes and plaids are taking over everything.”

For jeans, it’s all about finding the wash that you like, whether it be the lighter or the darker, Coley said. She said jeans range from light to dark and everything in between. And it’s also about what’s comfortable for each student.

“When you talk about the tops, graphic Tees are popular for both girls and boys,” Coley said. “Some of the Marvel Tees are coming back. We’re also seeing a trend with musical bands on the graphic Tees, like Bob Marley and Nirvana.”

She said woven shirts for both boys and girls are button up this year.

“And they are layering it with either a tank top underneath or they’re either doing something pulling from the pattern from the woven top itself. They’ll put another top under that that’s a solid color so they kind of blend together. And they wear the button top open. You can either do short or long sleeves and they’re doing both.”

Sarah Neese, kids merchandise manager at Belk headquarters, said she is seeing a transition into Bermudas, shorts and ankle-length bottom, as well as long denim that carry through to fall.

“Key trends in girls’ denim are fray hems, crochet details, discharge prints and knit fabrications,” she said. “In boys, trends include skinny and knit denim.

“Also trending this back-to-school season you’ll find floral prints, ruffles on everything, shine d details and bright transitional colors for girls. For boys, you’ll see preppy plaids, polos and souther Tees.”

For tops this year, plaids, chambray and screen Tees are big.

And casual wear for high schoolers is all about comfort with denim and activewear. Graphic Tees, breathable fabrics and sneakers are trendy.

“In fact, it’s very on-trend. to pair a dress or skirt with sneakers,” Neese said.

“And we continue to see kids mixing and matching.”

Coley said the high schoolers are going with a lot of the spring colors like corals and. teals.

“Dresses are really hot for the young girls in this day and age,” she said. “A lot of them are right now looking at the shorter ones that come to knee length or just a little bit longer, just so they can have the flow and ease of being a little bit cooler during the summer time. But it’s definitely about those dresses.”

She said the young men are going for that casual look in polos with three buttons going up to the collar. And they want them in solids.

Other trends for students this year include the highwaisted crop flare jeans with a cropped flare silhouette and a button front for a vintage feel.

Teen girls are into wearing a leather jacket over a slip dress for a trendy look. And a jacket goes well over leggings or even sweatpants.