It is highly instructive, as well as frightening, to review the actions and speech of Democrat Party leadership over the last 10 years. The Democratic National Committee has moved so far leftward that it bears little resemblance to the party of John F. Kennedy.

Consider the following list of groups, actions and positions that the Democrat Party leadership now support or embrace:

•Sanctuary cities for criminal illegals

•Abolishing Immigration and Customs Enforcement to allow completely open borders

•Corrupting and weaponizing government agencies, such as the Internal Revenue Service, the U.S. Justice Department and the Federal Bureau of Investigation, to defeat political opponents

•Nullifying or repealing the tax cuts that have improved incomes for millions

•Affiliating with “protest” marchers who chant, “What do we want? Dead cops! When do we want them? Now!”

•Praising “Occupy Wall Street” thugs who deface and defile public and private property and trash streets

•Encouraging extreme leftist mobs that assault elected officials and break the law with impunity

•Undermining and ultimately eliminating, if possible, the Second Amendment

•Encouraging Democrat constituents to badger, intimidate, shout down and silence individuals with opposing viewpoints

•Encouraging government dependence through actively soliciting participation in and greatly expanding the food stamp program

•Embracing two standards for addressing conduct of elected officials — a very rigorous, persecutorial punitive one for conservatives and a light-handed, look-the-other-way, forgiving one for liberals

•Dividing the country through identity, gender and “victim” politics

•Seeking to transform the United States into a socialist society

•Saying anything and doing whatever it takes to regain power, including abandoning the principle of “innocent until proven guilty”

This list is not based on conjecture, but on actual words and actions recorded and observed. It is enlightening, sobering and downright scary for patriotic, freedom-loving Americans. I hope readers will share this with friends and remember what they have read on Nov. 6 when they vote.