The Wayne County Board of Education, through its Chairman Mr. Don C. West, submits the following statement in response to the article printed by the Goldsboro News-Argus on April 16, 2019, titled, “Schools OK 'white privilege' assignment.”

In order to avoid any possible misunderstanding of the Wayne County Board of Education’s actions regarding this assignment, it is important to clarify that the Wayne County Board of Education has not considered or evaluated the particular training activity at Goldsboro High School referenced in the article.

While the WCPS Administration has been involved in investigating this matter with the assistance of legal counsel, the Board of Education has had no involvement whatsoever regarding the specific training or materials referenced in the article. To the extent a reader might have an impression that the Board of Education has approved that training or any future training, that impression would be inaccurate.

The last paragraph of the article, relating to future training, was intended to be of a general nature. It was not intended to indicate any decisions of the Board of Education regarding the content of this or future trainings.

Don C. West, Goldsboro