This is in response to the Jan. 1 article concerning the death of a young intern killed by a lion at a Caswell County conservator, and the Humane Society of the U.S. (HSUS) effort to misuse this tragic event to advance their deceptive animal rights agenda. But first, let me say, like many, I am saddened and grieved at the death of such a beautiful life filled with so many dreams and goals to fill a long lifetime; yet she is now dead. My prayers go out to her family. Second, I thank/commend the efforts of the staff and first responders in their methodical cooperation to solve this sad-tragic situation (some were volunteers). Now to HSUS’ disgraceful attempt to use this sad tragedy to advance its politically deceptive animal rights agenda.

I do not agree with the AP article that says HSUS is an animal welfare advocate group (I believe in “animal welfare” and have had animals all my adult life). Now the TRUTH must be said: HSUS is a radical, animal rights group out of Washington; HSUS believes the life of a lion, dog, cat, rat or snake is equal in value to the life of a child. (Not in my Bible.) HSUS, like PETA, is motivated by the belief that “ANY HUMAN CONTACT, WITH ANY ANIMAL, FOR ANY DOMESTICATED PURPOSE, EQUALS ANIMAL ABUSE — including production of our food (meat), service (horses, work dogs) and companion animals (pets) industries. HSUS probably considers the Caswell County center a roadside zoo that they tried to regulate/shut down in 2015. Currently, I’m told, HSUS teamed up with a River Keepers group to push the behind-the-curtain lawsuits against our hog farms/pork producers.

Readers, please do not confuse HSUS with the local, down-the-street, hometown Humane Societies — such as our Wayne County Humane Society (no connection). The Wayne County Humane Society has good, hard-working animal welfare people that need our help. The Wayne County Humane Society gave $150,000 of its money to help build the new Wayne County animal shelter.

Anything HSUS wants for North Carolina, North Carolina does not need. Always remember — no matter how good HSUS makes it sound — it’s just part of the deceptive/hidden agenda to put us out of the animal business and take the meat off our dinner tables. Kim Alboum, former HSUS director for North Carolina, was quoted by the Greenville Daily Reflector, “Animal rights will progress in ‘baby steps’” in North Carolina.

If people want to give, I suggest they give locally to the Wayne County Humane Society, where they can see their money at work.


Seven Springs