Thank you for finally printing some news about the Disclosure Statement complaint that was filed last year against Mayor Allen (”Supporters rally around Williams,” News-Argus, May 22). Even though the report overlooked some key details regarding the complaint, and handling by the city.

There were several reasons listed for the complaint filing. The article reports the least, of the minor allegations, and it omits any of the details on the top four reasons for filing the complaint, the failure to file required disclosure statements in 2015, 2016, 2017 and 2018.

The article reports that Allen provided the required information he should have filed, but it neglects to mention or include that the additional information he provided was not submitted timely for his 2015, 2016, 2017 and 2018 required filings.

The report indicates “The majority of council voted during Monday’s work session not to hold an investigation or hearing about Allen.”

The part of that sentence regarding council voting to not hold an investigation is false. Council voted unanimously at the Feb. 18 meeting to have the city attorney investigate the complaint against Allen. In that meeting, Allen admitted that he had never filed a Disclosure Statement prior to 2018, and it’s on videotape.

In the April 1 council work session, the city attorney gave a report on his investigation of the complaint and concluded that Allen had violated the Disclosure Statement ordinance and that ignorance of a law is not a valid defense for violating a law.

The part of the above quoted sentence only reports some of the information, on one of the two votes, that council took regarding a hearing of the complaint against Allen. The council first voted on a motion to hold a hearing for Allen on the violation of the ordinance. From what I recall, the vote was 5-2 with Allen, Broadaway, Stevens and Ham voting against the motion. A second motion was then made not to hold a hearing for Allen to defend his confirmed violations. From what I recall, the vote was 5-2 with Allen, Broadaway, Stevens and Ham voting the motion to not hold a censure hearing for Allen.

After the meeting on April 1, I made a written request for a copy of the city attorney’s investigation report on the complaint against Allen, which as you know is public record.

On May 6, when no report had been received, I followed up with council verbally and in writing for a copy of the report. The city has not complied with my requests, nor have they provided any explanation for the delay.

Have you had any success in obtaining a copy of that report which May 9 you promised to request? Kindly advise when and if your efforts are successful.

Looking back at how city council has handled, and decided the Allen complaint, and comparing the way the city council has and is handling the code of ethics complaint against Councilman Williams, it has become abundantly clear that in the city of Goldsboro, the Scales of Justice are not balanced, and that the News-Argus may be printing news that is not always fair and accurate.