Thanks for a great weekend

As an alumnus who now lives in New Jersey, I want to congratulate the Dillard/Goldsboro Alumni and Friends for providing the Goldsboro community and hundreds of out-of-town guests and visitors with yet another memorable alumni weekend that was packed full of enjoyable and life enhancing activities.

Every year during Memorial Day weekend, the activities of DGA&F transform the city into a place of great jubilation and celebration for local residents and visitors, alike. Although the activities bring about much celebration, the long lasting positive effects are felt far beyond the Memorial Day weekend.

Take for instance, DGA&F’s emphasis on providing encouragement and financial support to high school graduates for continued education. One of the organization’s major focuses throughout the year is to raise funds for scholarships that will be presented during the alumni weekend festivities. Although alumni participants enjoy a steady stream of well organized activities from Thursday to Sunday, the tireless work of meeting, planning and organizing is a year-round endeavor spearheaded by dedicated officers, members and volunteers of the organization. The collective effort provides one of the most anticipated, festive times of the year for the residents. It is a time when families, friends and classmates, young and old get together to enjoy each other during a time of reunions, dinners, dances, cookouts, house-hopping, a Saturday morning parade for fun seeking early risers and a church service for Sunday morning worshippers. In addition to the activities provided by DGA&F, various alumni classes celebrate having reached various milestones (10-, 20- or 50-year anniversary, to name a few). This year, members of my graduating class (Class of 1972) enjoyed a dinner/dance to celebrate classmates turning age 65.

During the many DGA&F activities, many existing friendships are renewed and many new friendships and acquaintances are formed. Many become lifelong friends, business partners and in some cases, even become spouses.

The positive effect of DGA&F’s work is also felt by the business community as local and neighboring banks, restaurants, entertainment and shopping establishments experience a sizable economic boost during alumni weekend.

Lastly, if you enjoyed the activities as I did, make it a point to thank a member of DGA&F. Also, join me and take the time to ask them how you can become involved in supporting the organization either as an active member, volunteer or a financial supporter.

Thank you, Dillard Goldsboro Alumni and Friends. You’ve done it again!


Mount Laurel, New Jersey