Members of Nahunta ECA Club held their February meeting recently.

Judith Aycock, hostess, gave a program on the heart, as February is Healthy Heart Month. She gave many interesting facts such as newborns having the fastest heartbeat, the heart pumping two gallons of blood per day and the heart beating 1,000 times per day.

She also said that the aorta is the largest artery and is as large as a garden hose in diameter.

According to Aycock, to have a healthy heart, eat healthy, get active, stay at a healthy weight and stop smoking.

She said signs of an unhealthy heart or heart attack are chest discomfort, severe heartburn, chest pain, pain going down the arm, feeling exhausted and extreme snoring.

Aycock got her information from an article in

Treasurer Lois Sasser told members that money donated for scholastic books went to Kelly Sasser’s first grade class at Northwest Elementary School, who sent a thank-you note to the club.

Linda Taylor, social worker for the school, also sent a thank-you note for the hygiene items she received from the club in January.

Each October, the club makes teddy bears for children in the hospital. Sasser and Aycock took several bears to the meeting that they bought for the fall project. The eyes were sewn on and there were no buttons on the bears that could harm the children.

Copresident Mary Friedman announced that the ECA Christmas bazaar will be held in November in the main meeting room of the Maxwell Center.

She also asked members to participate in Bunny Love Project, a sewing project making small snuggly blankets for children in conjunction with 4-H.

The soup and sandwich luncheon will be March 26 in the Farm Bureau room at the Maxwell Center.