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Maybe I’ve already written some of these, but repetition is a daily occurrence on TV, so what’s good enough for TV is good enough for me!

On Senior’s Day at the recent Wayne County fair, I was busy taking orders for those scrumptious dogs and burgers at the booth operated by the Grantham Grange and Volunteer Fire Department. A customer recognizing “The Owl” asked if I was going to expose the Neuse Island’s witch again this year.

Now we have lost beautiful, gracious, loving Lillian Galloway. Lillian died in Wilmington last Sunday, a little more than three months after her beloved husband, Ray, died. Lillian had fallen several times in the weeks before she died, and she was in a lot of pain, but she never stopped smiling.

My friend and former colleague Marian Westbrook came up with the idea for today’s foray into language — the color idioms that “color” our speech. We associate October with pink because of the raised awareness of breast cancer in women and men, so a look at “pink” and other words of color see…

Community is loving my neighbor, my brother, and my friend. Who are the least of these? Shouldn’t I know or does it matter? Without a face or name would my love be the same; a question maybe we should bring to the table to see where our treasures lie.

On this first day for early voting, I am drawn to the polls and to a book Dave ordered for me, “The Oxford Dictionary of American Political Slang,” edited by Grant Barrett. Published in 2004, the book’s definitions are more historical than current, but they enlighten nonetheless.

Because the word of God is alive and living, it meets you in your moments, speaks to you in peace and is a comfort to the soul.

The Foundation of Wayne Community College scored another success this past Monday when it invited Darrell Collins, retired from the National Park Service at the Wright Memorial after 38 years in the division of interpretation and education, to speak about “The Miracle at Kitty Hawk.”

Once a year, the Southern Newspapers have a convention in Florida. We usually go to try and get new ideas for a better paper for you.

With the stunning number of pilot trainees dying in crashes, not only at Seymour Johnson, but at other training stations around the country, it is a wonder that young men would continue as volunteers in joining the flying ranks.

For all new generations of people who have never been exposed to “Amazing Grace,” Steve Turner’s “Amazing Grace: The Story of America’s Most Beloved Song” presents revelatory discovery of the birth of the hymn and its dissemination.

Ready or not, winter is on the way. From all reports, this one will not be as severe as last winter but will be bitter cold.

I’m sure that when two of the pilots I’m covering today were married in Canton and Lorain, Ohio, respectively, dreams flourished. Surely after the war they and their brides looked forward to the day when they would establish homes, raise children and enjoy long lives together.

After Hurricane Florence, you have probably noticed many more fire ant mounds around your lawn and gardens. The heavy rains and flooding that we saw during the hurricane caused fire ants to move to new areas and above ground to get away from saturated soils.

Folks, as you review my recent columns I trust that you will understand these young “pilot-boys” who crashed and died in preparation for war were just as much the hero as though they had been shot down on the battlefield.

What a week! Cooking on a gas camp stove loses its charm after a few days, and we were lucky to have power restored so soon. We are grateful to have had food, water, and LED lanterns that allowed reading when the rain drove us inside. Our road is now closed because of high water on the bridg…

Watching a style show on the tube the other day, I noticed many, many hem lengths that are now mid-calf or below. These new long, full skirts are attractive on some of you tall, skinny girls but not on short, dumpy people like me. I am sure I have some but it is stupid for me to do that when…

A recent excerpt from “The Week,” a news digest we subscribe to, about the Dutch East India Company and its three-century oppression in current-day Indonesia paralleled some reading I was doing in “Why Do We Say It?” a book which addresses the several expressions in our language that use “Du…

A friend of mine ordered a silk blouse and with it came some instructions. Now, do not do this at your own risk ... it has worked on a silk blouse of my friend’s, but it may ruin yours.

Last week I shared with you that I had spent some time with my brother, W.H. Williford, in Arlington, Virginia. While there I learned of the death of my friend Max Graham Futrell, one I had known since childhood. It was questionable as to whether I could leave W.H., who suffers with dementia…