There was one who said in a gathering amongst great women of God, “Everybody is different here so we don’t have queens, those that would think more highly of themselves as everyone is equally important. So we don’t have you,” referring to another as she’d chosen to walk a different path in life. “Even though you’re not going to be with us anymore because you’re appreciated where you’re going, it’s a comfort to those of us who love and appreciate you here.”

Sometimes in life we have to let go of those who’ve made a great impact and have impressed upon our lives in a positive way because their purpose extends past our first impressions and they’re needed to encourage, enlighten, and for the betterment of others.

Life’s revolving door presents us with opportunities to expound upon the experiences and even share with those who await change in their lives. Because we have a relationship with Jesus Christ that is proven through many trials and tribulations, it is the means in which we are called to be the vessels that are to poured into others. Because of this relationship, we all are a bit closer to being our best selves.

This faith-based inheritance is of the heritage of Jesus Christ, as we are adopted into the family of God and engrafted into the promises and power to do great exploits. It’s who we are. So as we journey in life and answer the call upon us, even speaking those things that are not as though they were and catching the calling, we tap into the intangible realms were faith manifests dreams.

This faith causes the possibility of the unknown to be our hope. These realms manifest the truths for our lives, the paths we must take, the people who are aligned for our destiny, those we’re to pour into, places we must go, those that must stay a while, and a gallery of provisions that constitutes our position.

As we have a receptive heart toward God, we grow to walk according to His will and not become complacent. When we practice letting go and allowing God to lead us, we begin to step out of the comfort zone we inhabit. It takes practice and being obedient because as we walk with Him, we see that God is often doing a new thing, and it’s by faith we accomplish what He has prepared for us.

One of the most inspiring examples of change happened March 12, 2018, the day my mother remarried. My mother lived across the parking lot from me for many years until she chose to remarry at the age of 75. This was epic, admirable and, most of all, showed me that she wasn’t at all set in her ways, as she’d lived alone and was accustomed to things being exactly the way she wanted them. She abandoned her comfort zone. Things changed for her and, in time, she readjusted and settled into her new life.

I depicted this as someone who wasn’t afraid to make a life-altering decision and a very strong-minded woman. This caused me to look at life a lot differently and view the unexpected things that happen in life as an opportunity to grow. Also, I learned not to be so complacent and feel destroyed when I have to give up something perhaps to gain something else.

Because I witnessed my mother’s experiences, I adopted a better, stronger mindset concerning life situations that may present themselves and now practice incorporating a subtle response. As our behavior is indicative to whom we are in Christ and in life, those we impress upon will step a little higher also. This is the rhythm of the gospel character and the sound of the word of God exemplified in your life.

Pamela Young is a native of Goldsboro, a 1990 graduate of Goldsboro High School and the author of two books. Share your thoughts and ideas about the column with Pamela at