Ruby Red. Oh, Ruby, don’t take your love to town. Ruby Tuesday. Ruby life master. Which ruby applies to Shelby Bizzell?

If you guessed, Ruby life master, you got it right. Ruby life master distinction requires 1,500 master points. Only four club members playing currently have earned this honor: Billy Bizzell, Selby Corbett, Ginny Herlihy and Sue Wilson.

A player with 1,500 points is an A player. We celebrate with Shelby and congratulate her. Watch for her name in the Bridge Bulletin soon.

Beautiful Dottie Rawl was 100 years old last Monday. Players signed a card for her last Thursday. Sterling had just mentioned that Peggy Seegars was doing better, and that’s all Bill Allgaier heard, so he thought we were sending a card to Peggy.

When the card to Dottie came to Bill, he wrote, “Hurry back so that we can play bridge again.”

When he realized his mistake, he got the card back, scratched through what he had written and wrote Happy Birthday instead.

This incident reminded players of the time that Madelyn and Don Percise were sending two cards to friends: one for a stroke victim and the other to a person having a birthday.

On one they wrote, “We hope you have many more,” and on the other, “We hope this is your last one.”

Of course they got the cards mixed up, and we have enjoyed that story for years.

Speaking of Madelyn, Sterling and I saw her at the tournament last weekend. She was looking pretty in pink, and is very happy in her new home. She is playing lots of bridge, and she and her partner came in fifth in Saturday morning’s session and third in the afternoon session.

It was good to see old friends at the tournament. Hats off to Greenville for a fantastic job. They served hot dogs to everyone for lunch. Their snacks were homemade and delicious, and the flowers breathtaking.

The 119 unit meeting was productive and informative. We learned that tournaments that lose money can apply to the unit for partial reimbursement. I wish we had known that when we lost $1,300 at our last sectional tournament seven years ago.

Players were saddened to learn of the death of Gee Morris, a former player who moved to Florida many years ago. Gee and Myra Tucker were a team that had so much fun together. Gee loved going to tournaments and staying up half the night playing Lose and Snooze Knockouts. She had a great sense of humor and was lots of fun. She will be missed.

Tommy and I lucked into a slam Monday, again by mistake. He opened a diamond, Bob Meyer bid four hearts and I, holding the queen of diamonds and five clubs to the king and queen, quickly passed.

But Tommy was not done. He bid five clubs when it came back around to him; Bob bid five hearts, and I figured it was worth a sacrifice to keep Bob from making five hearts, so I bid six clubs. And Tommy, who was void in hearts, made it. Again, better to be lucky than to be good.

Thursday’s scores: N/S first, Dayle Pond and Tempie Pierce; second, Sue Wilson and Billy Bizzell; third, Bill Allgaier and Ed Wilson. B — second, Anne Michaux and Lew Rose.

E/W first, Kaye Langston and Shelby Bizzell; second, Sterling Jarrett and Barbara Ann Vinson; third, Bill Warren and Al Takemoto. C — second, Sharon Stanley and Maureen Prys.

Monday’s results: N/S first, Sue Wilson and Billy Bizzell; second, Ginny Herlihy and Mickie Braswell; third, Charlotte Maxwell and Debbie Gray. B — second, Bill Allgaier and Pat Keim.

E/W first, Tommy Franklin and Barbara Ann Vinson; second, Joe Deeb and Doris Baddour; third, Sherry Owens and Shelby Bizzell. C—first, Bill Warren and Al Takemoto.