Every year, Unit 119 recognizes players who have earned an unusual number of master points. One competition is called the Ace of Club, saluting five players on several levels of master point achievement.

The Goldsboro Bridge Club is proud to announce that Linda Watson who started 2018 with fewer than five points is second in her category. Linda earned 22 points last year.

Al Takemoto in the 20-50 point range at the beginning of last year was fourth in his category, earning 47 points in 2018. Congratulations to both players who are really taking to the game.

At Thursday’s Valentine’s Day game, red sweaters and red dresses dominated the room. Doris Baddour made baklava for everyone, and Tommy Franklin brought chocolates. Sherry Owens made coffee for everyone, and it turned into a party.

One beautiful thing about duplicate bridge is that you can win even if you don’t have good cards. North/South had only three games out of 28 boards on Thursday, so the name of their game was defense. Sterling Jarrett and Barbara Ann Vinson finished first with a 70 percent game, and all they did all day was defend. While it’s not nearly as much fun as winning the contract, look at it this way: They didn’t have to bid and worry about landing in the right contract. All they had to do was pass and try to lead and signal right.

On Monday, we welcomed Jeff Gates who came to get the “lay of the land” and to kibitz. Also, Fran Jilcott brought Ann Gold from Kinston and the twosome finished third E/W.

Everyone was glad to see the Haverkamps after their return from Florida.

Congratulations to Kaye Langston and Doris Baddour who came in first on Monday.

Last Tuesday was the fifth I Remember Mama bridge game and luncheon. Once a year Sterling Jarrett, Kaye Langston, Kitty Sauls and I meet to remember our mothers, Eileen Thornton, Margaret Motley, Katherine Stackhouse and Barbara Fonvielle, who played cards together every Wednesday.

It is always a fun day, remembering and reminiscing about our mothers. The bridge game is secondary to the fun. As a matter of fact, Kaye Langston said as soon as she arrived, “Let’s forget the bridge and just talk.” Something our mothers would have frowned on.

But play we did, even though more than once someone asked, “What did I bid? Spades? No, that was you.”

Kitty had on her 1, 4, 3 pin that had belonged to her mother. For those of you who don’t know, it means I Love You. And all her grandchildren want it. Fun fact: Mr. Rodgers swam every morning to maintain his weight of 143 pounds so that he could be the physical embodiment of his motto, I love you.

Sterling talked about how expensive everything is these days. And then caught herself. “I know I sound just like my mother. One day we were in Belk’s looking at a pair of gold earrings. The salesperson said, ‘They are $8.95.’ Mother looked at me aghast and said, ‘She’s not talking to us, is she?’”

We took a break for lunch on pink (my mama’s signature color) mats and her china and then headed back to the bridge table. At one point, Kitty asked, “Wouldn’t our mothers be proud of us?”

“No,” declared Kaye. “They would say, ‘Stop being so silly and play bridge.’“

We played for a fiftieth, just like they used to, and I was the big loser. I owed 52 cents and didn’t have the right change. I gave Kaye an IOU. Our mothers took their bridge debts very seriously.

It was a wonderful day. For favors, I let the girls choose a scarf from Mama’s vast collection and we all put them on to pose for a selfie. It felt so good to laugh and remember our mamas.

Thursday’s scores: N/S first, Sterling Jarrett and Barbara Ann Vinson; second, Bill Allgaier and Ed Wilson; third, Al Takemoto and Bill Warren.

E/W first, Lib Braswell and Shelby Bizzell; second, Billy Bizzell and Sue Wilson; third, Sherry Owens and Linda Greenwood. C—first, Mona McConnaughey and Bob Harding.

Monday’s winners: N/S first, Kaye Langston and Doris Baddour; second, Anne Michaux and Lew Rose; third, Charlotte Maxwell and Debbie Gray; fourth, Sue Wilson and Billy Bizzell.

E/W first, John and Judy Haverkamp; second, Krishnaprasad and Selby Corbett; third, Fran Jilcott and Ann Gold; and fourth, Bill Warren and Al Takemoto.