Everyone who knows me knows that I am an animal lover.

I love almost all animals (I must admit that snakes, spiders, eels and other such creatures aren’t my favorite). Our family doesn’t have a lot of pets, but I do love animals and am active with several rescue groups, and I do what I can.

It’s amazing how important pets can become to us; our two dogs, Hazel and Cami, are like family, and all of us love them like crazy! Cami has been part of our family for about five years; we adopted her from a family who could no longer care for her.

Since last week, she has not been doing well: Cami is 11 years old, and apparently there are a few things going on with her. Our vet takes amazing care of her, and he’s been doing everything he can to figure out what the main culprit is. After an X-ray and a consultation with an oncologist from N.C. State’s vet school, they are in agreement that she certainly has cancer (possibly in more than one place), and there could be some other things at play.

Obviously, cancer is not a word anyone wants to hear, and we are heartbroken. As of now, she is comfortable and that is our main concern. We have some tough decisions to make and want to be sure we do what is best for our sweet, special girl.

Hug your fur babies close and enjoy the time you have with them!

We are really proud of David. He has been working toward the rank of Eagle Scout in Boy Scouts, and yesterday he had his service project work day. With the help of other scouts, friends and family, David is installing a prayer garden at the Salvation Army, and it is going to be really nice.

If you, your children, a youth group or service organization wants to help an amazing resource in our community, we have lots of options. There are many good things going on in Wayne County, and it is great to get involved here at home.

The Salvation Army is a wonderful organization, and one, according to my dad, that lives up to its slogan of “Doing the Most Good.” They work on a very limited budget and make big things happen. I can’t wait for David’s project to be complete and ready for people to enjoy it.

I mentioned that it’s almost fair time, but I didn’t realize that this year is the 70th anniversary of the Wayne Regional Agricultural Fair! This year is sure to be the best yet, and I bet they’re going to pull out all of the stops!

Have a great week!