One day as my mother and I sat in the driveway of her home, she noticed that the flower pot that previously had been filled with tulips and sat for months in what looked like a big pot of soil had flowers growing from seeds she planted years ago. She said, “That’s amazing!” The flower pot was overflowing filled with green leaves and budding flowers.

Immediately it resonated within me, “The seed!”

“I have planted, Apollos watered; but God gave the increase.” —1 Corinthians 3:6

Sometimes it may look as though nothing is happening in regards to your circumstances but change is apparent as we keep the faith. I’ve seen through experience. The process occurs to establish and root each one that we will not be taken in such a manner again as we stand and allow God to grow us up.

Just as the seeds bloomed into the most beautiful flowers over the years, time and the process will produce the increase in your life as seeds planted deep within you are watered to manifest the glory of God that is to be revealed; His anointing upon your life. Never give up. Stand steadfast and immoveable to see greater things come to pass to live more abundantly in the favor of God.

The day after I observed fertile soil, I was blessed to expound upon the reasoning that even though we can’t see the flower in its moments of growth, as we observe them from time to time, we see that they’re indeed growing and being transformed as are we, as clay on the potter’s wheel from glory to glory.

Later, I decided to go to the gym for an evening run unaware when I arrived. I only had 45 minutes until the gym closed. I immediately changed shoes, put on my headphones, started the treadmill and began to run. Fifteen minutes into my run an acquaintance came up beside me with a look of anticipation to speak. I removed one side of my headphones from my ear as she began to speak about another person who spoke blessings over her life and that God hadn’t forgotten her, similar to how Apollos watered the seed.

Many years ago in the early ‘80s, she made some wrong choices and her record was tainted with a felony charge that she’d desired to get expunged. However, one day she went to inquire of her record, when she received it, it was completely clean. “Nothing on it,” she said. She had no physical idea what could have happened but spiritually, she stood thanking God for it all, as He gave the increase.

“It had been a long time coming and a life now dedicated to the Lord,” she said, as she’s seen His glory revealed in her life. After more than 30 years, fertile soil reaped a harvest in her due season. Fertile soil is the cornucopia of many blessings, the means by which we’ve arrived and reason we are planted and established as the tree that’s planted by the water that will not be moved. It is unwavering faith, standing upon the promises of God, believing when to the natural eye things look impossible, and walking out your faith when others cannot fathom your reasoning. Fertile soil sometimes leaves one to bear it alone only to trust solely upon the Lord. In return for your faithfulness, there’s restoration and He gives you strength no man gave and no man can take away.

No matter the attempt of the enemy, we must remember what God has done which gives us hope for what He’s going to do in our lives.

“And let us not be weary in well doing: for in due season we shall reap, if we faint not.” — Galatians 6:9 

This is the rhythm of the gospel character and the sound of the word of God exemplified in your life.

Pamela Young is a native of Goldsboro, a 1990 graduate of Goldsboro High School and the author of two books. Share your thoughts and ideas about the column with Pamela at