Remember the golden oldies song, “I’m a Girl Watcher?”

Then hold that thought. Bookmark the tune and let it bounce around in your head and we’ll come back to it.

About six years ago, I decided I needed to get more active.

I used to work out a lot more back in the day. Not running, mind you.

I was more into aerobics. I was even an instructor once upon a time when I first moved to Albany, New York.

Then I was really into the Jane Fonda Workout, to the point where I took an actual class at THE Jane Fonda Workout when I vacationed in Los Angeles.

I can’t recall much about the class but I vividly remember several celebrities who were in it — Shirley Fonda, then married to Henry Fonda, which made her Jane’s stepmom; Lisa Hartman, who starred on “Knots Landing” and later married country singer Clint Black, and afterward when I came face-to-face with the star of my favorite movie as a kid, “Cinderella,” Lesley Ann Warren.

But I digress.

The important thing to know here is that the fitness craze hit me hard. So when I got too busy to keep up for a few years and gained about 30 pounds, it was tough turning things around.

I decided to start walking. That coupled with Weight Watchers proved beneficial in losing the weight.

One day a member came in and started singing her version of the aforementioned song, with the words, “I’m a Weight Watcher.”

See? Told ya we’d come back to that tune.

Feel free to keep that song running in the background while I continue.

Fast forward through the past five years, when I became addicted to the activity of walking, in part because of the health benefits and also since going through cancer and being told by several doctors that the more active you are, the better you’ll fare during treatment.

I found that to be true. I viewed it as a form of training and to this day I walk virtually every day. Sometimes more than once.

On cold or rainy weather days I found an alternate way to accomplish this.

I’d always heard about the mall being a good place to go, and have discovered it to be the case.

No one tells you, though, that it’s a warm place to go in other ways. As in friendly.

I may not go there every day but I have come to recognize the “regulars” and I have been often enough that I loosely fall into that category as well.

These are some of the nicest folks you’ll ever, literally, cross paths with and it’s a great way to start the day.

I’m used to having a neighborhood virtually to myself most days. In the mall, if you’re not careful you just might trip over someone. Luckily we all have manners and manage to avoid collisions.

But back to the song I mentioned at the outset. For here’s what I’m really leading up to, as we rewrite the lyrics one more time.

“I’m a mall walker, I’m a mall walker....” 

A tip of the hat — or the sneakers — to these faithful folk getting fit.