Ready or not, winter is on the way. From all reports, this one will not be as severe as last winter but will be bitter cold.

There is no way out — we all will have to put forth a greater effort to conserve energy. I did try last year and this summer, but suspect I am like most of you — sorta’ half-hearted about it.

It is mighty hard for Americans to believe we can be deprived of our luxuries we have so long taken for granted — but it can and will happen if we are not more careful.

We put in storm windows to help conserve but the bad part of that is we can’t get them out to wash the windows! There must be an easy way, but we haven’t found it.

We are adding more insulation and they say most homes — unless very new — need additional insulation. The government intends to take some off your income tax if you do some of these things to your homes to help the crisis.

We have a few “hangers-on” on our tomato vines but they are pretty bad. They just won’t ripen. It is sad to see all the good corn and tomatoes and beans gone. If I had been smarter I’d have more things in my freezer.

Maybe you’ve had this hors d’oeuvres, but I never have before — it’s good and easy.

One small package of cream cheese, pour over enough Kitchen Bouquet to cover, then roll in toasted sesame seeds. Put in the refrigerator until ready to use. Use on crackers — delish!s