Do you know ole Murph?

He is the one with “Murphy’s Law.”

The other night he was visiting our house and I thought he would never leave. After we had eaten, I opened the freezer to get out a non-fattening dessert of Weight Watchers and instead of it being frozen, it was soft.

Being the intelligent one that I am, I deduced that the freezer was thawing instead of freezing.

Calling the emergency number of Sears appliance, the man was there in short time. The timer was worn out and the whole freezer had iced up and could not freeze the food. (’Course, we have had it since 1967.) He fixed it shortly and now it is running fine.

I had to take everything out of the freezer, so I put it all in the sink. Each time I would make a trip, it seemed as if my feet were slipping on the kitchen floor. Again, being the intelligent one that I am, I looked down by the sink and sure ’nuff, a pool of water was standing — just where I was standing.

Early the next morning, electric Sales & Service was there to see what was wrong. A hose connecting the disposal and the dishwashing machine was disconnected.

“Murph” and I are not the best of friends.

There are artists and artists. (That doesn’t look as if it’s spelled right, but I can always blame it on the computer.) But Mayland Schrum is at the top of the list. She does the most glamorous and beautiful flower arrangements I have ever seen.

Last week at the Member-Guest weekend at the Golds- boro Country Club, she out-did herself. The huge arrangement on the table was spectacular — so much so that Immy Withers did a watercolor of it.

My, we do have talent.