Hooray for Debbie Gray and Joyce Pate, who played together for the third or fourth time ever and who finished first overall with a 61-percent game last Thursday. Congratulations, ladies. We want to see more of both of you. Debbie has played twice in one week, but until then, we had not seen her since before Christmas.

Last week was Sectional Tournament at Club week, where players have a chance to earn silver points instead of the customary black ones. No one had a super high percentage Monday to qualify for extra points, but maybe Thursday, someone will go over the top. Stay tuned.

The beginner bridge classes are going well. Thanks to Sterling Jarrett and Tommy Franklin for filling in for me last Wednesday. The class is growing, as more people hear about it. Anyone is welcome to join. We meet Wednesdays at the senior center from 12:30 to 2:30 p.m. At 2:30 p.m., Sue Wilson teaches an intermediate class.

We laugh a lot in my class as we learn what to do and what not to do. Current students include Mary Emma Stevens, Joe and Sandy Isles, Becky Davis, Betty Jo Slozak, Becky Mayo, Debbie Lane, Shelton Brown, Robin Narron, Shreenath and Mrs. B, Midgeon Helms and Sue Woodyard. Come join us.

Monday’s hands seemed like computer-generated hands. There were lots of long suits and voids. No finesses worked. And everything you thought you knew about bidding was wrong. Very interesting but very frustrating. Gary Partin said he just came for the cake, but he ended up placing.

Birthday wishes were sung to Ginny Herlihy, whose actual birthday was Monday, Troy Pate, Virginia Mansour and Kathryn Spicer.

One crazy hand Monday had South holding seven diamonds to the ace/king, 10; five hearts to the king/nine; and one little club. Her partner opened one club; East bid three clubs; and South bid three hearts. North passed; East rebid her clubs on the four level. Now South bid four diamonds.

North bid four hearts and East passed. North put his hand down, showing three hearts to the 10 and three diamonds to the queen, jack, little. He also had three clubs to the ace/jack, little; and the king and queen and two more spades.

West led a small club that dummy took with his ace. Then South led the 10 of hearts from the board. East covered with the jack, and South let her take it. East played the king of clubs, which South trumped with the king of hearts. She then led a small heart, which East won who then led a spade. South trumped the spade and led another heart, and both the queen and ace fell on it.

Then the trumps were out, and South played all seven of her beautiful diamonds, making the contract. What a crazy hand.

Thursday’s winners: N/S first, Debbie Gray and Joyce Pate; second, Dayle Pond and Tempie Pierce; third, Charlotte Maxwell and Kaye Langston; fourth, Ginny Herlihy and Peggy Seegars. C — second, Linda Watson and Lib Braswell.

E/W first, Tommy Franklin and Billy Bizzell; second, Krishnaprasad and Selby Corbett; third, Anne Pate and Theria McPhail; fourth, Lew Rose and Anne Michaux. C — third, Gary Partin and Betsy Harrold; fourth overall, Bill Allgaier and Ed Wilson.

Monday’s results: N/S first, Tommy Franklin and Barbara Ann Vinson; second, Selby Corbett and Krishnaprasad; third, Sherry Owens and Shelby Bizzell. B — third, Charlotte Maxwell and Debbie Gray. C—second, Gary Partin and Betsy Harrold.

E/W first, Lew Rose and Anne Michaux; second, Sterling Jarrett and Sue Wilson; third, Al Takemoto and Bill Warren. C — second, Lib Braswell and Linda Watson.