Wow — what a wild few weeks.

Hurricane Flo came, left her mark and left, and now the recovery process is in full swing. We did lose power, but Dad didn't, so we moved in with him for a while. There were eight people and four big dogs.

We thought it was an adventure, but I'm pretty positive Dad was ready to see us go! While my family was very fortunate and only suffered some water in the basement and loss of power, cable and internet, there are many out there who were not as lucky.

We hear stories daily of those who have lost some or all of their belongings. Homes are being bulldozed, cars are a complete loss, and displaced families are all around us.

Please take this time and see what you can do to make a difference. All of us have something to give; whether we donate goods, offer our services or give financially, there is always a way to help. These efforts will be ongoing; as the waters recede and people head back to work and resume their "regular lives," there will be much to do.

If I know anything about the people of Wayne County, we will be here to help.

A few weeks ago I mentioned that our sweet Lab, Cami, was sick. After a strange breathing "episode," our veterinarian took some X-rays and we discovered that among other things, Cami had lung cancer.

There was a lot of discussion among him, us and a veterinarian at N.C. State, and we knew there would be some difficult decisions ahead.

Cami did really well for about two weeks — and was great company for the three other dogs that were weathering the hurricane at my Dad's house.

About 10 days ago, she started having breathing issues again so I took her to Berkeley Vet. The time had come to make the tough decision that we'd been hoping we wouldn't have to make for a long while, and we did what we knew was best for our happy yellow girl.

It is always hard to say goodbye to a beloved pet; our home isn't quite the same, and we miss her every day. Love, love, love your pets, people!

On a much happier note, the Gurleys have an exciting announcement: David has been accepted to attend Wake Forest University next fall! We are so proud of him and cannot wait to follow his journey. Those who know me know that Wake has a special place in my heart  — GO DEACS!