Mr. John Crawford came by the other day and brought us some of his good grapes.

I could not help but laugh when I said, “How are you doin’, John?” and he answered, “You do not ask someone my age how they are doin.’ You say, ‘How are you feelin’?’” (I just hope that when I am his age I will be as spry and as alert as he is ... He’s one sharp man, and has a keen sense of humor.

I remember when I was a child, my father taught all of us that ... if you can’t laugh at yourself and have a sense of humor, your life will be mighty hard. (’Course, with a name like Turnipseed, one would have to have to have a sense of humor.)

We always take part of our vacation this time of year. Our friends from Kentucky, with whom we went to college, all married about the same time and had our backs in strollers together, come to North Carolina.

They think our beach at Morehead is about the nicest thing that could happen to anyone. They have been coming for about 18 years and still love it. October is so beautiful at our beaches.

If you have recently moved to Goldsboro, do not miss going to one of the beaches in October. If nothing else, just drive down for a seafood dinner one Sunday.

It only takes about two hours to Atlantic Beach. Take your children and walk the beach and then go to any of the good seafood restaurants in Morehead or on the beach.

It is always a frustrating decision to make in October if you have the time. Go to the mountains to see the beautiful leaves that change into brilliant fall colors or go to the water.

You can find dedicated people on each side and an argument anytime between which is the best.