Originally published Sept. 23, 2013

My Dad was out of town for a few days, and I stayed with Mom for two nights. It was great to have a little one-on-one time with her — with our busy schedule during the school year we just don’t get over for visits nearly enough.

The kids stayed at Mom’s with me one night, and they thought that was an adventure. I remember loving it when we got to stay at our grandparents’ house. They had the best attic, and we had the best time up there. It was a walk-in, so it was easy access. We had many adventures with our cousins in T and Big Dad’s attic.

My parents have “forts” upstairs at their house; they turned big areas in the eaves into a girls’ club and a boys’ club. The kids can write on the walls and decorate however they want to. The only problem I remember is when Mom found one of her antique tables mixed in with the plastic chairs and roll-away bed in the girls’ club.

Other than that, the only problems we have is when someone “invades” the other club. All 12 of the grandchildren have loved going to Mimi and Daddy Hal’s to hang out in the forts.

When I started writing this Georgia now column Thursday we’d had a relatively smooth week.

The column started something like this: OK, so this week there hasn’t been anything of real interest going on at our house. No rocks in the disposer. No injuries. No big fights. Minimal drama on Louise’s part. Maybe we’ve been too busy for the three of them to come up with anything wonderful to try out on me.

Well, I guess I spoke too soon. Several of us have a trip to Tennessee planned — it’s a combination of work and pleasure. My sister-in-law Leigh was one of my fellow travelers, as was my roommate Tori. We were all excited; sure there was going to be some training and team building stuff going on, but we were looking forward to the hiking, zip lining and relaxing in the mountains of Tennessee. Well, Thursday night I got a call from Leigh. She was headed to Winston-Salem. Her daughter had an incident while exercising and was in the hospital.

Obviously, Leigh was going to be with Georgia. I understood completely, and called another friend from Clayton to see if she wanted to ride together. After trading phone calls back and forth, we got that settled.

Well, about 10:30, I received another call. This time it was my roommate Tori. She was at the hospital with her 6-year-old son. He was jumping on the furniture and ended up needing five staples in his head. Hmmm. I was glad all three of our kids were in bed, and I decided to stop answering my phone. Fortunately, both patients are going to be OK — and I certainly will enjoy the rest and relaxation this weekend a LOT more than I thought.