Watching a style show on the tube the other day, I noticed many, many hem lengths that are now mid-calf or below. These new long, full skirts are attractive on some of you tall, skinny girls but not on short, dumpy people like me. I am sure I have some but it is stupid for me to do that when I know it is not becoming. There were many more shown that were just below the knee.

It comes to all of us. The dreaded time when we must again take our driver’s license tests.

I do not understand it. Why do we get all so nervous when we sit down in front of these obviously nice people? I have been driving for about 50 something years (give or take a few), and yet I felt as though I had killed a person and would be charged with hit and run.

Sitting in the waiting area, I picked out the one I would like to test me. One lady looked very gentle and then there was one man who was smiling. Then there was this young, good-looking man. I knew he would be tough. I was old enough to be his mother but I had the feeling that he might think I had lost all ability to be alert.

Guess who I had for the “tester?” Yeh, that young man. My hands shook, the palms were sweaty and I was sure I was hyperventilating. I did my best to look intelligent, calm and able to handle any situation on the road.

The gentleman’s name was Evans and he was just as nice as he could be.

Could anyone explain why someone who had never had a ticket, had never been stopped for any violation, could be so upset?