Oftentimes, support systems pervade outside the walls of the church, structure of homes and the mindsets we carry that have caused us to think within. I often found my next best step came through an acquaintance in passing and a profound word that I couldn’t let go. Or as I’ve challenged myself outside the perimeters of home to experience new places, nature took its course and blessed my soul, even delighted in me a breath of poetry.

I’ve not found it strange as I’ve entered the gym and began to program the treadmill that an acquaintance shared with me the weight of his heart. I replied with compassion and a word from my own valley experience that I knew was tried and true and indeed would bless his spirit as it did mine. When I finished sharing what God had ministered to me, I saw his demeanor change and a resolve that words had dropped into his spirit. He said it was no mistake that he ran into me that day. I totally agree because God knows exactly what we need to press forward.

Support systems extend beyond institutions or structures, as they are vast experiences and we’re open to receive from them. Never be detained in your thinking because those of whom you know in your very time of need seem to be absent and nowhere to be found. That kind of dependency may be the kind of attachment that may not be conducive for you to grow. You may have to walk out in faith and trust that God will give you daily bread, just as the Israelites received manna from heaven. And those who trusted Him knew that they could depend on God, Jehovah Jireh our Provider.

For He hath said, “I will never leave thee nor forsake thee,” Hebrews 13:5. And the scriptures goes on to say, “I have been young, and now am old; yet have I not seen the righteous forsaken, nor His seed begging bread,” Psalm 37:25. As vast as the creation, there’s a blessing in it for you, and these are the realms in which we must venture to allow ourselves to think.

Times of need can be very vulnerable and sentimental times, which is a human and natural response. I’ve experienced this also, and the absence of people became my greatest triumph in that I began to see what was on the other side of experience. I received ministry from God through various systems in which I had no idea I would receive support. It gave me time as well to trust God and to see all the ways He would move on my behalf, whether it would be while I was sitting quietly, amongst a crowd, or even through a stranger who would speak life.

Support systems are grand with an infinite amount of resources because God never runs out of ways to get us what we are in need of. Sometimes when I look out into this world and see so much adversity and discord, I thank God for Jesus because therein lies my hope. And I truly believe the enemy cannot touch me without His permission, and what God has blessed no man can curse.

How can I come to such a theme that would suggest in a few words? Because of His omnipotence, He can find us anywhere, and we’re always safe in His arms. If the Son therefore shall make you free, ye shall be free indeed, (John 8:36). We are free and given a chance to experience change, and opportunities beginning by understanding the power of God isn’t confined as man’s support systems. But by faith, God gives us hope everywhere our eyes gaze. This is the rhythm of the gospel character and the sound of the word of God exemplified in your life.

Pamela Young is a native of Goldsboro, a 1990 graduate of Goldsboro High School and author of two books. Share your thoughts with Pamela at breathofapoet@yahoo.com.