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Flooding and ruined roads still plague Wayne County after Hurricane Florence, and now this past week with Tropical Storm Michael. Many people still need assistance, and we continue to follow cleanup efforts, property repair and aid getting to those the storm affected.

Guest column

As I approached the keyboard to begin this article, the muffled sound of the generator outside of our house served to remind me of the stormy conditions associated with Hurricane Florence.

Guest column

Exploitation of people in North Carolina comes in many forms — from forced labor to commercial sex — and it is with great disappointment that I must say the General Assembly has rescinded three words from a mandate that could save victims from it.

We of the pre-internet era can recall going to the encyclopedia or phone book for information. We remember the obnoxious sound of dial-up Internet connections, logging on to AOL, having learned to use email, then instant messenger -- arguing with people in chatrooms long before there were su…

Many of the elders who spoke at Tuesday's march for justice regarding the unsolved murders in the city spanning as far back as 1995 put the onus on themselves more so than the police department.

While it doesn't qualify as breaking news that racism exists in Wayne County, news this past weekend that a neo-Nazi hate group has been actively distributing fliers in area neighborhoods advocating white supremacy certainly struck a nerve with some of our readers.