The battle lines are drawn.

Whether you are for or against 'X' or you support or oppose 'Y,' you pretty much know where you stand politically.

So, if you've ever thought about serving in public office, now's as good a time as any.

We know, we know. You're not sure where the district lines are or where they will be when all is said and done and the battles between the state legislature and the courts are won.

Or lost, your point of view depending.

Seriously though, if the district you seek to run in changes a little or a lot after you've won it, you will adjust. If we've learned nothing else in recent years it is that the inflexible candidate must become limber while governing. We have seen what results from an inability to compromise.

Regardless of which direction your political meter pushes out from center, now seems like the perfect opportunity to run. You might be poised to take out a party opponent or go head to head with someone of your own political brand whom, for whatever reason, you might think you can outperform.

Do it.

There are plenty of reasons not to run for political office -- the scrutiny, the fundraising, the cutthroat spirit of campaigning, just to name a few -- but don't allow the uncertainty of where the lines will fall on a map to be the deterring factor.

History records the accomplishments of those who act, not those who are dissuaded from action.