Well it seems the Democrats think they can give some Republican incumbents a run for their money this November.

The filing period is over, and it seems we will have some races on hour hands.

First, the primaries.

State House District 21 is being sought by two Democrats and one Republican, and the same can be said for the U.S. House of Representatives District 7 seat currently held by Rep. David Rouzer.

Head to head are the rest of the local races, including those for N.C. Senate District 7 and N.C. House District 10. Sen. Louis Pate and Rep. John Bell, respectively, both face opposition from the other side, the former from current Wayne County Democratic Party chair Barbara D'Antonio and the latter from an unknown ---- Tracy Blackmon of Goldsboro.

It will be interesting to see what platforms the two Democrats run on while seeking to unseat their Republican counterparts, both of whom enjoy healthy support at home.

The school board races are non-partisan, and the sheriff, the D.A. and the clerk of courts candidates -- two incumbents and the son of the latter -- are each running unopposed. No luck needed there.

Enjoy the races, folks. We'll introduce you shortly to the candidates you don't know and give equal time and space to those you do.