Get ready. You are about to enter the all spin zone.

The long-awaited, much-anticipated, and pre-publication denigrated book by fired FBI Director James Comey is due out next week, and all sides are preparing for battle.

Hillary Clinton, Loretta Lynch and the man depicted in the book as "Mafia boss-like" -- according to an Associated Press pre-release report on "A Higher Loyalty" -- President Donald Trump.

Let the mudslinging begin.

Comey will shed light, from his perspective of course, on his earliest interactions with and impressions of Trump, his own firing, his regrets about the handling of the FBI investigation into the Clinton email scandal and on Lynch, the former attorney general. Comey suggests Lynch might have had inappropriate influence over the Clinton investigation, although he says he never witnessed any of that himself, the AP report said.

Either way, both Comey and Trump will likely have a lot to defend based on what is said in the book. There will be talk show appearances, talking points from Republicans and Democrats with vested interests and, naturally, tweets galore.

Book clubs, get your wine ready. Political talk show junkies, get your popcorn.

Whatever your political leanings or thoughts on Trump, Comey, Mueller, Russia -- there will be fodder for weeks to come.

And just in time for the mid-terms.