It is in matters of faith where, despite the varied cultural and religious practices, we can all find common ground.

The tenets of all major religions -- in the non-radicalized pockets that exist within each -- meet at the overarching theme of common decency and respect toward humanity.

We share this community with one another, we work in the same offices, we live in the same neighborhoods, our children go to the same schools.

It is important that we remind ourselves, despite tragedies such as that which unfolded in Florida on Wednesday or the current torrent of political divisiveness, that we are all neighbors.

The annual interfaith breakfast held Thursday at the Goldsboro Event Center couldn't have come at a better time.

Even non-believers, whose faith, ultimately must be placed in fellow humans if not a

higher power, benefit from living their lives according to principles that engender peace toward others, as well as personal and familial responsibility.

Without faith, either in a religion or God or something as simple as an innate goodness in humanity, we might all be wandering aimlessly or living in chaos.

Societal ills exist, but the reason we are able to function as a society and keep them at bay as best we can is precisely that, whether we admit it or not or whether we even like each other or not.

We put our faith in each other every day. It is what propels us forward and to do better tomorrow than we did today.