A recent couple of arrests made by the Goldsboro Police Department speak to the necessity of communication and cooperation between residents, the city and law enforcement.

A couple of councilmen, we are told, brought up some concerns to the police department that had been shared with them by their constituents. The matter was investigated and arrests were made.

More arrests are possible because the investigation -- into prostitution in and around the 100 block of Lionel Street -- is ongoing.

We reported on this after speaking with law enforcement, and that was when we learned of the council members' involvement. That part did not make it into the report because the councilman named by the police department was unavailable at the time to verify his involvement.

We have since spoken to the councilman who, for now, wishes not to be recognized. What he did say, however, was that each of the council members have residents in their districts who report to them that crime or blight is going on in their communities and that they hope to see it addressed. He said he was not alone in bringing up the issue of prostitution, and other crimes in pockets around the city.

And sure, this is just one instance that we have heard of that got reported, followed up on and netted tangible results. Will this couple of arrests solve the issue? Surely not. But it is a step in the right direction.

We hope to learn more in the coming weeks of just what types of crimes and concerns the council members learn about from their constituents and what is done to address these issues.

We are often accused of slathering crime across the newspaper to sell copies -- which first of all is untrue and second of all, whatever that might say about us it would imply about our consumers.

No. Our goal here is to be able to report and bring to light real concerns in the community and track the success rate of having them addressed.

If the police and the policymakers are to see any success in cleaning up what is tarnishing our neighborhoods, it is going to take that sort of communication and collaboration. We've seen it work, and we hope to continue seeing it.