Difference makers and the completion of a multimillion-dollar convention center have, for the better part of the last month or so, occupied every waking hour of this staff not already dedicated to the production of your daily newspaper.

Our annual Progress edition and our publication produced for the grand opening of the Maxwell Center March 1-4 are the result of weeks of planning, interviewing, photographing, editing and laying out and tearing up pages only to lay them out again.

But in the end, as with every year, we are thoroughly pleased with the stories we have been able to bring you highlighting the efforts of great, hardworking people right here in our community.

From mentors to volunteers, students to teachers and the vast number of elected officials and city and county employees who played a role in the Maxwell Center, these stories collectively demonstrate what a community is capable of.

We are proud of the job our staff did, and even more proud of the community we serve. And we hope -- if you weren't already -- that you will be too after seeing the Progress and Maxwell Center editions out now.

Happy reading, folks. And let us know if there is someone out there making a difference that has yet to be recognized. We want to tell their story, or yours, and keep the focus of this community on the positive strides we are making together.