Far be it from us to imply that Hollywood is any sort of place to look to for political guidance or moral instruction.

But socially speaking, and partly because it has been home to it for much of its history, so-called La La Land is where much of the shift away from the patriarchal, boys club mentality that has dominated our culture for so long is stemming from.

The Oscars put the capstone on the film industry's award season Sunday night, but not over the groundswell of the #metoo movement or the push by female stars to have their ideas not only heard, but backed financially and brought to the big screen.

Frances McDormand, who took home her second Academy Award -- this time for best actress for her role in "Three Billboards" -- asked during her acceptance speech for all of the women in the audience also nominated for Oscars to stand up and be recognized. They did.

"Look around everybody, because we all have stories to tell and projects that need to be financed," she said.

And America was watching. Yes, the #metoo movement started around allegations of sexual misconduct, mostly by prominent men in powerful positions -- largely in movies, television and news -- against the women who've worked for them. But it has been more than that. It has also been about equal pay and opportunity. Equal speaking time and equal room to push forth and explore ideas, whether for films or television programs or in industry and in society.

Some might think it long overdue for women to be standing up for such things, others might say it's overblown -- the media making mountains of molehills. But remember the whirlwind surrounding the "Wonder Woman" film just last year, with a leading female role and female director? Consider how long Hollywood has existed and how many women have starred in or directed films over that time.

And for anyone still not convinced that change is overdue, consider one last point of interest.

Jordan Peele took home the Oscar Sunday for best original screenplay for the movie "Get Out." He is the first African-American to win in that category. It's 2018. He certainly isn't the first to have written one.