Marc Langston is a popular guy.

Langston recently retired as the membership director of the Goldsboro YMCA. He had been with the Y for 15 years, and during that time developed many friendships that certainly may last a lifetime.

Langston has a disability, which reporter Phyllis Moore detailed in a Sunday story. He was born with arthrogryposis, a curvature or crookedness in the joints.

His disability is most evident in his arms, which stay folded in front of him. He used to write and feed himself with his feet and has fought to accomplish all he has set out in his 36 years.

He never let any of his problems get in his way. After all, he was born with arthrogryposis. It was the only thing he knew. So, for him, problems that others may perceive in Langston’s case were just normal for him.

People who may have missed Moore’s story on Sunday need to go back and read it. Langston’s life is a detail of strength, perseverance and friendship. He played sports at the Y as a youth and worked at the Y as an adult.

Langston was active as a teen and stayed so as an adult. Many people may have spent their lives staying home; Langston knew he could and collect disability payments. But he did not. And that’s one of the strong lessons of Langston’s story: Never settle for what is simple or easy, work hard and strive to be your best, all the time.

For Langston, the result became a job he loved with people — Y staffers and members — he loves as well. He now has other adventures and passions he wants to pursue. So, Langston no longer works at the Y. But as he said, people will see him stop by now and then. And his presence always will be felt, no matter where life may lead him.