Several years ago I sent out a political campaign mailer with this question in bold print: “Did you ever think in your wildest imagination that we would have to define marriage?”

Well, we did, and it was overturned by activist judges!

As important and alarming as that question was, we now face an even more and unthinkable question.

Even posing that question violates the sensibilities of people with any degree of compassion for the sanctity of any human life.

But to have to ask that question in relation to a precious, helpless — but alive — baby compresses the idea of human decency and compassion to a point beyond the human capacity to comprehend the reality of the barbaric idea.

The question is: Does a living baby who survives an attempted abortion have a right to life and to receive life sustaining medical attention?

Rep. Pat McElraft and three other women in the House of the North Carolina General Assembly have introduced HB 602, The Born-Alive Abortion Survivors Protection Act, to legally answer that question.

God be thanked they say, with heaven’s blessing and with an overwhelming majority of people across all political and demographic lines, that the answer is yes!

Did you ever think that we would degenerate to the point that this question would be front and center with arrogant display for mass consumption even by young children each time the TV is on?

New York legislators stood and cheered when they passed a law allowing a living baby born during an attempted abortion to be left to die.

The Virginia governor callously described, “the baby would be made comfortable and the parties would discuss whether to let the living baby die or not.”

House Bill 602 is not about a woman’s right to have an abortion. It is about what should happen “if” a live baby is born during or as the result of an attempted abortion.

In that instance, the woman would have chosen her right to have an abortion but during or as a result of the procedure the baby would be outside the womb and alive.

The abortion would not have been successful in terminating the life of the baby.

What should happen then?

HB 602 says that that baby has a legal right to get the same care any medical person would give to a naturally born baby.

HB 602 would apply when a living, breathing baby is completely removed from a mother’s womb and shows signs of life like a heartbeat.

The bill requires health care practitioners to provide the same duty of care to every living infant in North Carolina, whether or not it was born alive despite an abortion.

Rep. McElraft said, “People believe infanticide is wrong, so how did we ever get to this point? We’re talking about a breathing live baby.”

All Republicans on the Health Committee voted for the bill but only one Democrat on the Health Committee voted for this bill. Eight Democrats voted against HB 602, and several other Democrats did not attend the committee meeting.

I am confident both the House and the Senate will pass this bill and send it to Gov. Cooper.

What will the governor do with HB 602?

We, the people should always demand that any living baby outside its mother’s womb be given the medical attention for a chance at life.

N.C. Rep. Jimmy Dixon, a Republican from Calypso, represents House District 4, which comprises Duplin County and a portion of Onslow County.