As many of you may know, the opening day of the 2019-20 biennial session of the North Carolina General Assembly was Wednesday.

We are facing a new season of deliberations as many new members have been elected to conduct the people’s business. Most certainly there will continue to be political battles across the aisles, which is the way our forefathers designed our system of self-government.

I gave the opening prayer for that session, and since little attention is given to positive aspects of government, maybe sharing this prayer will be helpful for those who believe that prayer is beneficial in helping government preserve freedom and liberty for future generations.

“Our kind Father in Heaven; desiring to have our paths directed by Thee, we begin this session of the North Carolina General Assembly in prayer, with heads bowed and hearts seeking Thy blessings as we assemble to conduct the people’s business.

“We thank Thee for the pleasant conditions under which we gather and for the successful election of each Representative here and for their willingness to serve the citizens of our great state.

“We are thankful for the beauty of these facilities, and we thank Thee for some of the essential people within the confines of this General Assembly complex.

“We are thankful for our dedicated custodians who maintain these facilities for those who work here and for those who visit here.

“We are thankful, Father, for our hard-working citizens who provide the operational revenue supporting this work place wherein they have sent us to conduct their business.

“We are thankful for all our security staff and sergeants-at-arms who help us who work here and those who visit here feel safe and secure in a sometimes dangerous world.

“We are thankful for the principal clerk and his dedicated staff who are efficient, diligent and faithful to the rules of this institution.

“We are thankful for the dedicated women and men who staff the many departments within the General Assembly and for the quality of their work.

“We are especially thankful for the dedicated efforts of our Founding Fathers, who through sorrow and suffering, toil and tribulation, established, with Divine Investiture, the United States of America to be governed as a constitutional republic.

“We are likewise thankful for those liberty loving founders of North Carolina who supported those original efforts that helped establish America as the greatest nation on earth.

“We are thankful, Father, for the dedicated service of our colleagues who have moved into a new season of their lives, and we pray for their happiness and success.

“We are profoundly thankful for those precious youth present here today representing some of the posterity of the members of the People’s House.

“Oh, Father, with our most earnest and sincere pleadings, we ask Thee to bless these precious grandchildren with the same abundant opportunities for freedom and liberty that we have heretofore enjoyed.

“Please bless us in this House and all other men and women in all branches of government at all levels of government with the righteous desires of our hearts to do that which will most likely preserve freedom and liberty for future generations.

“Finally and in conclusion, Father, please indulge us a moment as we petition Thee for one of our own who faces some challenges.

“We ask Thee to bless Representative Becky Carney with the choicest blessings Heaven has to offer as she continues to serve in this House which she has grown to love.

“In the name of Jesus Christ, Amen.”

We, the people, should never forget the Divine Investiture that inspired imperfect men and women to form this great nation.

N.C. Rep. Jimmy Dixon, a Republican from Warsaw, represents District 4, which comprises Duplin County and a portion of Onslow County.