Local people are spreading the message of the reason for the season by performing “Child of the Promise.”

The show is about the birth of Jesus, but done totally in music, said Jim Grant, director and music director.

“It’s pretty much all very straight Scripture that they sing,” he said. “So you’ve got Zacharias and Elizabeth, who have John the Baptist. And Elizabeth’s related to Mary, who ends up having Jesus. So there’s that relationship that we see.

“It’s the story of Gabriel coming to tell Mary and Mary finding out she’s pregnant, then going to Bethlehem to have the baby.”

Grant said during the performance, Zacharias finds out that he’s going to have a son from his wife, Elizabeth, who is barren. It will be John the Baptist. Then it unfolds with Mary finding out that she’s going to have a baby, Jesus. There’s also the visitation of the shepherds and wise men.

The show ends with the prophets coming back out and saying they basically foretold this, the child of the promise.

Each performance will last an hour and 15 minutes, Grant said, with no intermission.

The production includes a 10-member live orchestra, vocalists and even an angel choir with anywhere from 30 to 50 people in it.

Songs will include everything from ballads to gospel, Grant said. There are solos and duets.

“There’s a fun number that the shepherds do that seems to be a favorite of everybody that’s up tempo titled ‘Nothing Ever Happens to a Shepherd,’ ” he said.

There will also be some special effects, including a strobe that’s used for lightning and a low-lying fogger and hazer, which looks like smoke on stage

Grant said the production started in Goldsboro 14 years ago. He’s been with the “Child of the Promise” for 12 years.

Grant said the production was a shortened concert version of the performance last year due to COVID, with a much smaller group of actors.

Grant said local actors and vocalists do the show every year to spread the message of Jesus’ birth.

“There are a lot of people who still don’t know the Christmas story, don’t know about the birth of Jesus or who Jesus even is,” he said. “This is done as a ministry so that’s why it’s not one church doing it. It’s a group of people who have come together as an outreach to the community.

“It’s a great way to get your Christmas started. It puts you in the right frame of mind of what the reason is for the season.”

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