No one can take away what’s inside of you, but not knowing what you possess disenfranchises you.

Once I was somewhat somber, and the feelings of depression seemed to be in the shadows. As they lurked, I felt them and pushed them away by thinking other thoughts. I remembered those things that were positive. During this time, I made a commitment based on the positive things I believed within my heart. Although I did not always feel the part, leading up to the time I was to walk out in faith, it was God inside of me that made me know that I could do what needed to be done. Even still, I had a battle going on inside of me.

I had committed to a total walk of faith, and asked God to prepare the way and go before me, and He did. There was such a peace when I arrived at my place of destination. Everything that challenged me before I arrived seemed to have come to naught. It was an amazing experience and fulfilling as well because I knew within my heart that I had trusted God completely.

The change comes because you have no choice. There is indeed an option, but because of where you stand, there’s only one decision that can be made — it is the inevitable. Revelation knowledge says the strength doesn’t come in the muscle, strength comes from your muscle. We have to use what is available to us so that God can work it for our good. To walk out in faith is called faith with works.

To cause a change perhaps is about making something or someone more effective or productive. Whether the cause is humanitarian or manufactured, our takeaway is to use what we’ve been given. We acknowledge what has been done and capitalize on those things that make for a greater purpose.

There’s a lot to be said for endeavoring for a greater purpose and those who have pioneered so that others are enlightened. They create legacies in different facets of life. Sometimes when we capitalize on what we’ve been given, we’re watering seeds that have been planted. They are dreams and visions others have persevered to see manifested. And as we carry the torch of those who’ve pioneered and opened doors by using their gifts and talents, we begin to see how grand it is that our gifts and talents will make room for us. This room transcends generations as we capitalize on what’s been given. It completes what someone else started. It begins what will be the driving force in someone else’s life. It is the catapult that someday will revolutionize the world because we chose to use our gifts and talents to edify and uplift others.

This is but a continuum of what is known as our great purpose. It is the things that we do from our hearts and God-given talents that will long have an impact on others after we’re gone. There are doors that God opens that no man can shut and doors that He closes that no man can open. When He opens the door purposed for us, may we enter therein by faith and believe in His divine providence. May we grow and be established and rooted so that those adjacent to us can know of our fruit. And they will know that we are kindred spirits that see beyond what eyes can see. This is the rhythm of the gospel character and the sound of the word of God exemplified in your life.

The late Pamela Young was a native of Goldsboro. She passed away Oct. 13, 2021, but wrote this column for the Feb. 1, 2020, News Argus.