“She is clothed with strength and dignity; she can laugh at the days to come.” — Proverbs 31:25 (NIV)

Anyone that knows our Granny Hester, who was my Mama’s Mama, knows that life could not get any better for her than getting her fishing pole and heading down to the wildlife pond for a day of fishing. I am pretty sure that at one time or another all of us grandchildren had the privilege of accompanying her on one of her fishing trips, and we almost always came home with a mess of fish. I also was blessed to live with her for a few months. One thing we could count on was when she got a mess of fish, she would dress them and cook them for a platter of fried fish with all the fixings. They were mostly small and bony, but if you worked hard enough you could get some good meat off of them. The other thing we could count on was chicken pastry on Sunday after church. We didn’t even worry about a big meal. It was plenty just to have a pot of chicken pastry. She had the gift of cooking and loved every minute of it. She also passed that gift on to some of her girls. I know that my Mama can cook like that, and I also know my Mama’s sister, Aunt Agnes, can cook like that. While I am talking about good cooks, let me tell you that even though I haven’t had the honor of going in a while, when we used to go to the lake with Aunt Agnes every year, she would cook some of the best seafood you could put in your mouth.

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