Goldsboro is widely regarded as an Air Force town, but the other branches of the military have long found ways to aid the community.

One such group is the Marine Corps League, a small gathering of Marine and Navy veterans who work throughout Wayne County to help fellow veterans. After several years in operation, however, the league is in need of members, with its active membership having dwindled from as many as 50 to around 10 men.

Former league judge adjutant William Hill asked for "a few good men" to join the group in working with Wounded Warriors, Toys for Tots and other civic engagements throughout the community.

"We're looking for Marine veterans, and also Navy corpsmen because they worked directly with us," he said. "We've done a lot of work in the community, including being instrumental in getting recognition for Pfc. Dan Bullock as the youngest soldier to die for his country in Vietnam."

Hill said that he believes there is a substantial population of Marine veterans in Wayne County, many of whom may be looking for a way to get involved.

He said learning of the Marine Corps League helped give him a sense of purpose in the community.

"I felt jubilation, it made me very happy," he said. "That saying, 'Once a Marine, always a Marine,' stays way deep down inside every Marine, and we need men and women to help volunteer in the community."

The league meets at the American Legion Post 11, at 2973 U.S. 117, on the third Thursday of every month.

Anyone interested in joining can call Hill at 919-330-4719.