SEVEN SPRINGS -- Alcohol Law Enforcement charged the permit holder of Maynard's Entertainment today in the wake of a security staff member being assaulted and killed Saturday night at the establishment.

Marlton Matthew Price, 45, of Seven Springs, is charged with misdemeanor failing to provide adequate security for the size of the crowd at the permitted establishment and misdemeanor failure to control the intoxication of patrons at Maynard's Entertainment while acting as the permittee for the establishment.

Joe Sadler, Wayne County ABC Law Enforcement Chief, said Price was charged by after the Sadler and ALE agent Daniel Spell launched an investigation into the night club after Saturday night's slaying.

Price's first appearance will be in Wayne County District Court on July 3.

Sadler said Maynard's Entertainment will be allowed to continue operating until the outcome of the investigation is determined.

While Maynard's Entertainment does not sell alcohol -- instead allowing patrons to bring in their own alcohol -- Sadler said they are still responsible for what people do at their establishment.

"Basically if you have a permit for brown bagging, it is your responsibility to control the environment at your club, be it the use of illegal drugs or consumption of alcohol," Sadler said. "As a permittee, you're guaranteeing you have enough responsibility to control the environment at your establishment."

Sadler said the investigation into the nightclub is ongoing.

Two Wayne County men were charged with murder in relation to Saturday night's incident.

Jerry Wayne Anthony Chandler, 32, and Dustin Steve Kirk, 27, both of 2081 Old Grantham Road, were each charged with one count of murder.

EMS pronounced the victim of the murder, Michael Ray Brinkley, 49, of Kinston, dead at the scene.