Sixteen students from around Wayne County will get the chance to celebrate their high school graduation earlier than usual July 18, as Wayne County Public Schools will host its first All-County summer graduation ceremony at Wayne Community College.

The ceremony is fort students who completed the requirements for a high school diploma by the end of June, through a process called credit recovery.

That process allows students to re-test in specific areas of a class where they failed, in order to bring narrowly-failing grades above the passing mark.

Hopefully, having a large graduation ceremony for students who would not usually be recognized in that way will help motivate students to keep trying, said Tamara Ishee, WCPS assistant superintendent for curriculum and instruction.

"We really want to encourage these guys to come back and do the work they need to do to graduate," she said.

Coming back and fixing past mistakes takes courage and hard work, Ishee said, and combining smaller graduation ceremonies around the county into one helps lend a sense of importance to the student's accomplishments.

The ceremony will be held in the Wayne Community College auditorium. Students will wear caps and gowns with the colors of their individual schools.