Bennie Scott of America’s Best Car Wash

Bennie Scott is the operations director for the new America’s Best Car Wash that will open Monday at the former Adam’s Auto Wash location on Spence Avenue.

Bennie Scott enjoys washing cars.

He put that passion to good use when he started working at Adam’s Auto Wash when he was 17 years old in 1994.

Now, with more than 25 years of experience in the car wash business, Scott is overseeing the renovation of that Spence Avenue landmark that first opened in 1986. It is scheduled to reopen Monday as America’s Best Car Wash offering full-service washing and a detailing center.

The second part of the renovation, which includes an express wash, will open in July.

“It was my dream to be the head of the company and be able to take my experience and input my knowledge into the renovation and change the direction of the company for the future,” said Scott, the company’s director of operations. “Mostly, I am so very excited about being back in Wayne County, which it's not my birth county, but it has always been my true home at heart.

“It is important to let people also know that we are formerly Adam’s Auto Wash, but we are America’s Best Car Wash now, and we will be honoring all coupons or prior commitments so that no one needs to worry about losing any value of their gift certificates or anything of that nature.

“The American dream of a little 17-year-old boy has come true, and I look forward to doing great things in the community and living up to the name of America’s Best Car Wash in the service aspect.”

The renovation included installing a completely new, state-of-the-art wash system as well as plumbing and electrical systems in the car wash tunnel, Scott said.

Scott said he visited other car washes to see what was being done at other locations.

“Over the years in my experience of washing cars, I have come to know the things on the car that do get hit and don’t get hit (in the washing) through the tunnel,” he said. “So I have picked out the pieces of equipment that I feel are going to target the best cleaning of the car.”

The system includes a balance-of-friction cleaning that uses cloths, chemicals and water pressure, he said.

“I can’t wait to run my car through there,” Scott said.

The second phase of the renovation will include what Scott calls a flex service, allowing customers to use the full-service wash or a self-service wash. It will include the addition of self-service vacuums — the first to be offered in Goldsboro, he said.

Basically, once a vehicle goes through the wash, the customer can vacuum out their vehicle at no cost. They will also be able to clear their windows.

Those two levels of services, along with the detail operation, will allow the business to target the three types of services that customers look for, Scott said.

“Our goal is, obviously, to be able to offer as many services as possible here for the customer,” he said. “The industry has changed a lot over the years. We are just evolving with it so to speak. We don’t want to end up like a dinosaur.” 

The detailing center is located in a building behind the car wash.

“Basically, what they do in here is clean carpets, floor mats, leather seats and condition them, compounding, light scratch removal, waxing,” he said. “It is very detailed work and takes four to six hours.”

There is a menu of services for both the detail center and car wash that customers can choose from. A new express service at the detail center starts at $39.95 and goes up to $184.95.

The cost depends on the size and condition of the vehicle and what the customer wants to be done to their vehicle, Scott said.

A car wash is a labor-intensive business and America’s Best Car Wash will employ approximately 40 people, a mix of full-time and part-time.

Some car washes are becoming more automated because of the need for manpower, he said.

However, for some people, paying for a car wash isn’t about the money, he said. They may not be able to wash their vehicle, not have the time or just not like doing so, Scott said.

Also, there are state and county vehicles that have to be maintained, he said.

“We definitely want to keep full service alive here in Wayne County,” Scott said. “I think that is important.”

Customers will be greeted by an employee who will go over a menu of services and price options, he said.

Customers will wait in a waiting area while their vehicle goes through the full-service wash that will cost between $17.95 and $29.95, depending on the level of services.

If it is the $5 express wash, which will open in July, the customer will remain in the vehicle and do the vacuuming and windows themselves.

“It is the only place in Wayne County that will have that option,” he said.

Along with being a car wash, Scott said he wants the company to be active in supporting the Goldsboro community.